5. What to Complete and Turn In

The purpose of this lab is to gain experience running a multi-dimensional (2D or 3D) hydraulic model for a reach of river. You see the process through from choosing a field site, through collecting all the necessary boundary conditions in the field to run the model, to post-processing and preparing your data for use in a hydrualic model, to building you computational mesh, parameterizing and setting up a simulation, validating the model outputs and interpreting the results. 
Please prepare a lab write up report for the lab and turn as a PDF. 

I expect (minimally) the following standard sections following the scientific method (feel free to elaborate):
  1. Introduction/Purpose
  2. Study Site Description
  3. Methods
    1. Field Data Collection
    2. Topographic Boundary Condition Preparation
    3. Hydraulic Boundary Condition Preparation
    4. Setting up the Model
    5. Model Simulation
    6. Model Validation
  4. Results
    1. Topographic Model
    2. Hydraulic Data
    3. Low flow steady state Model Simulation
    4. Model Validation
  5. Discussion
  6. Conclusions
I expect adequate figures, tables and/or graphs to illustrate and explain what you did. You should provide sufficient detail in the methods such that someone else could reproduce your results. 

This is NOT intended to be a novel scientific contribution, just a thorough, reproducible, and defensible simulation of a low flow 2D hydraulic model that meets the basic standards of practice.