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Lab 1 - For Thursday, January 20th

posted Jan 14, 2011, 9:44 AM by Joseph Wheaton   [ updated Jan 6, 2013, 9:32 AM by Joseph Wheaton ]
Take your 'observations' from our field trip and collate them into a report or outline. Feel free to elaborate on them as much as you like, but stick to observations... no interpretations, predictions, hypotheses, or overly complicated terminology. Use and/or annotate pictures as you see fit.

Please bring this as a print out or on a USB drive to our lab meeting on Thursday.

You can use your own pictures or any from the following albums:

Snowshoe Class Field Trip

You can also add your own pictures to our class album as I've shared them with you. You can download a few videos from the trip here to.

Here are some pics from Temple Fork a few weeks ago:

Temple Fork

Here are some pics I took a few weeks ago from Spawn Creek:

Spawn Creek

If you have any questions, post them on this discussion board.

For a follow up to the Ecohydraulics discussion in the car, see here.