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Reading for Thursday, Feb 10th

posted Feb 7, 2011, 8:48 AM by Joseph Wheaton

What you Should Read

You've already done the reading for Thursday, if you read Chapter 8 for Tuesday's Lecture .Chapter 8 picks ups on Energy and Momentum principles covered in Chapter 4. We integrate both the energy and momentum equations so that we can apply them to highly simplified, macroscopic one-dimensional steady flows. We will see on Thursday how these representations are useful in the simplified flume setting in lab. However, it will not be until Chapters 9-11 and our hydraulic modeling labs that we learn how to apply energy and momentum relations in a form that is more useful for looking at flow in natural channels.

What we Will Cover in Lecture

This lecture will finish up §8.2 we started with on Tuesday and cover §8.3:
  • From Chapter 8
    • §8.2 - Momentum Principle in 1D Flows
    • §8.3 - Comparison of Energy & Momentum
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