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Reading for Tuesday, February 1st

posted Jan 29, 2011, 9:37 AM by Joseph Wheaton

What you should Read

Lecture on Tuesday will cover Chapter 5, on 'Velocity Distributions'. You should read the entire chapter. §5.1 is a review of previous material, so I will skip that in lecture and assume you are competent with regard to vertical force profiles in uniform flows. You should focus the rest of your reading on the topics we are covering in lecture (below), but please do vote in the poll for what topic you'd like to cover that are not planned.

What we Will Cover in Lecture

In lecture, we will focus on:
  • Velocity Profile in Laminar Flows (§5.2)
  • Velocity Profile in Turbulent Flows (§5.3) covering:
    • Most of §5.3.1 (The Prandtl-vn Karman Velocity Profile)
    • Brief mention of §5.3.2 (The Velocity-Defect Law)
    • Power Law Profiles (§5.3.3)
  • Observed Velocity (vertical) Distributions (§5.4.2)
PLEASE vote on our poll on the forum by Monday afternoon to determine what additional topics we might cover in the last 10 minutes of lecture.

Corresponding Lecture Topic