02 - Natural Streams and Properties of Water

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011
Thursday, January 20, 2011
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02 - Natural Streams


In this course we need to have a good handle on the characteristics of natural streams and their watersheds (e.g. Chapter 2; Tuesday Lecture), which influence the hydraulics we are studying within local stream reaches. We also need to develop an appreciation for the odd molecular and physical properties of water (Table 3.3, pp 108 of Dingman), that give rise to its unique behavior as a fluid (i.e. Chapter 3; Thursday Lecture). The majority of this material can be collapsed down to a few key tables in Dingman (2008):
  • Table 2.10, pp 82 - Measurable & Derived  variables characterizing stream morphology, materials and flows
  • Table 3.3, pp 108 - Physical & Chemical Properties of Liquid Water
  • Table A.1, pp 514 - Dimensional Classification of Quantities in Fluvial Hydraulics
  • Table A.2, pp 515-517 - Dimensions, SI units & Conversion Factors

Why are we covering it?

We can not develop a conceptual or quantitative understanding of fluvial hydraulics without the basic building blocks of how to quantitatively describe natural streams and some of the underlying physical properties of water. This helps support Learning Outcome 1.

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