Course Policies

  • Late work. Any work submitted past the due date will receive an automatic 10% reduction unless due to a pre-approved excused absence. If you wish to turn in work more than a week after it is due, you will need to talk to me and get approval first. I will employ a discretionary ‘rope to hang yourself with’ policy on late work (i.e. I may choose to allow you an extension, but don’t get yourself in trouble as things can pile up quickly and come due all at once suddenly).
  • Working together. You are welcome and expected to work together on homeworks, readings, lab reports and projects. Please take advantage of our forum to post questions and help each other out. However, each student must undertake their own analyses, make their own model simulations, do their own calculations, produce their own figures and prepare their own reports. Plagiarism and copying figures (without appropriate citations) will not be tolerated.
  • Academic Dishonesty. Use common sense. Don’t cheat.