How to Register

 CRN     Course Code
 Section Title Credits Days Time    Dates Room
 26184 WATS 6900
 6 Fluvial Hydraulics
 2T H
 TBD ECC 102
 26185 WATS 6900
 7 Fluvial Hydraulics 
This course is variable credit (see here to decide whether to take the 2 or 3 credit version). To register:
  1. Login to Access Banner
  2. Click Student
  3. Registration
  4. Add/Drop Courses
  5. Once there, click on the blue that is by the credits for the class that has the variable credits and select the amount of credits you want to be registered for (i.e. 2 or 3)
The registrar's office made a mistake in listing this course as 1 credit (WATS 6840; CRN 20277). As such we had to add two WATS 6900 sections for the variable credit (2-3). DO NOT register for WATS 6840! Please register for CRN 26185 if you want the 3 credit version and CRN 26184 if you want the 2 credit version.